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All Natural Women's Healthy Breast Workshop

The All Natural Women’s Healthy Breast Workshop is based on the empowering breast health teachings of Cheryl Chapman, RN, National Breast Health Advocate and Pioneer in Breast Massage. With Cheryl’s blessings, we have condensed her rich and comprehensive professional training into an accessible one-hour workshop that includes hands-on practice and discussion. Fun, respectful, intimate and chock full of positive all-encompassing health education!

  • Explore a positive approach toward breast care.

  • Learn about breast anatomy and lymph.

  • Practice breast massage techniques.

  • Discover safe screening options.

  • Door Prizes & Gift Drawings!


Lynn Waters, Founder, Groovy Booby: The Loving Breast Care Revolution!
Anita Brown, Certified Clincial Thermographer, Midwest Medical Thermography

“This workshop was more like a spa. Take it, you will learn so much more than just breast health!” 


Frances G., Carbondale, IL

“Breast health isn’t just about breast health, its about health of the body, the whole person and

even the culture.”


Susan Kamil, Licensed Acupuncturist, Carbondale, IL



“This was absolutely unbelievable in all its context. I would not change one iota of anything

given, done or discussed in this workshop!”


Zenith Tollman, Carbondale IL


Host a Workshop!

Our workshops area  a great way to build community, bring women together, promote your business, support the health ed of your congregation, fundraise for your cause or just create a great excuse to get together with women!

  • Suggested fee is $10 per participant for a 90 minute workshop (one hour presentation with demos and half hour for Q & A). We split the total income with our host.

  • Most hosts offer refreshments to their guests. 


  • We provide AV equipment, resource folders, door prizes and gift giveaways.

  • Eight person minimum.

  • We provide marketing support (posters, handbills, Facebook marketing).

To discuss the possibilities for hosting a workshop at your location contact:


Anita Brown

Certified Clincial Thermographer

Midwest Medical Thermography


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