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Tinctures, Salves & Syrups

Elderberry has been traditionally taken for colds, flu and sinus and respiratory congestion. 

Holland Hospital (Michigan) and St. Francis Breast Health Services (Tulsa) both mention elderberry on their breast health pages. Due to high content of antioxidants in elderberry, its overall immune boosting qualities rank high.

Elderberry syrup contains fresh organic ginger root, organic lime juice, raw honey, and a touch of organic grain alcohol. The honey also is antibacterial and can help stave off allergies. A great staple for your medicine cabinet!


Large $27 – 8 ounce bottle
Small $14.00 – 4 ounce bottle

Shot $4  – 1 ounce bottle

To order: (six one eight) 713-5996

Our Herbal Salve, a combination of calendula, comfrey, St. John’s wort, essential oil of lavender and vitamin E, is an anti-inflammatory for burns. Aids the healing of bruises, wounds and sore joints and breasts. Reduces the pain of cuts and scrapes.

Organic Olive Oil, Beeswax, Calendula Flowers, Comfrey Leaf, St. John’s Wort Herb, Vitamin E, Essential Oil of Lavender.

Large $25  – 4 ounce jar
Small $13  – 2 ounce jar
Travel Tin $4 (Custom labels available with bulk orders for weddings, baby showers, special events or your own marketing use)

To order: (six one eight) 713-5996

Boo Boo Spray Skin Restorative in a spray bottle is ideal for quick, easy application and is a handy addition to any first aid kit.

A combination of calendula and St. John’s wort (St. Joan’s wort) in water-based solution; these herbs have traditionally been used to disinfect, reduce inflammation and help to heal wounds and burns.

Shake well before using. Spray affected area of skin as needed. For external use and as a sore throat spray. Do not spray on other mucous membranes or eyes. Keep out of reach of children.

Large $10.00 – 2 oz spray bottle
Small $6.00 – 1 oz spray bottle 

To order: (six one eight) 713-5996

To Order

We are now handling all orders personally and professionally by phone at (six one eight) 713-5996. 

Terry Hickey, manager of Dayempur Herbals, is happy to help find and ship the products you need, or help you find a retailer near you.

Our Herbal Ear Oil is a blend of mullein, plantain and garlic in an olive oil extract. Traditionally, these herbs have been used to calm inflammation and allergic reactions, and may help fight infection. We get lot’s of feedback on this product, namely, “It works!”

Shake well before using. Place 3 drops into ear; place cotton in ear. Leave in overnight. Keep out of reach of children. Also fantastic treatment for hemorrhoids! (Highly recommended by our midwife).

$13.00 – 1 oz ounce dropper bottle

To order: (six one eight) 713-5996

Herbal Tinctures

Tinc.ture: an herbal extraction that helps to support health and wellbeing.

Dayempur Herbals tinctures come in these simple, single-herb formulas:

Black Walnut: Historically used as a strong anti-fungal and anti-viral agent; helpful with certain skin conditions.

Echinacea: Historically used by Native Americans as an immune stimulant.

Elecampane: Historically used in Europe and Asia to heal, strengthen, and clear lungs and bronchial passages, decrease lung congestion, as a diuretic and anti-parasitic agent for the digestive system.

Feverfew: Traditionally used as an analgesic for migraine headaches, reduce fever and inflammation in joints and tissues.

Gravel Root: Used by Native Americans for urinary problems as related to the kidney, bladder and enlarged prostate.

Hawthorn Berry: Since the 1800’s, used with circulatory disorders as related to hypertension, arteriosclerosis and early stages of congestive heart failure.

Milk Thistle Seed: For 2,000 years, used to support liver, kidney and gall bladder problems.

Mullein Leaf: Traditionally used as an expectorant and fever reducer; anti-inflammatory effect on mucus membranes; natural decongestant; anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

Red Clover: Traditionally used as a blood cleanser, help reduce excess fluid, improve circulation and cleanse the liver; contains isoflavones thought to help with menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes.

St. John’s Wort: Since Hippocrates’ time, used for anxiety as well as sleep disturbances; not recommended for use with prescription anti-anxiety medications.

Stinging Nettle: Traditionally used to reduce symptoms of regional allergies, hayfever, painful muscles and joints and as a blood tonic; natural antihistamine.


Tulsi Holy Basil: A “sacred” herb in India and used in Ayurveda for common colds, stomach issues, inflammation, and helping restoring body balance.

Yarrow: Traditionally used as an anti-inflammatory, and immune stimulant; may help relax smooth muscle of the colon, intestine and uterus.

Yellow Dock: Traditionally used to help improve digestion, inflammation, constipation, and as a blood purifier.

$11.00 per 1 oz dropper bottle

To order: (six one eight) 713-5996

Red Clover


Yellow Dock

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