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“I was so surprised and relieved to hear that there is an all natural and enjoyable way to

improve my breast health. Groovy Booby has been a blessing in relieving ache from fibroid cysts. It is part of my daily routine now, something that is relaxing and soothing.”


Jessica A., Carbondale, IL

“Thank you so much for creating Groovy Booby oil. I have fibrocystic breasts and when I was 25,

had a lump removed from each breast. Fortunately they were benign and I never had any since.

I’m now 52, never married or had children but am going through menopausal symptoms.

This massage oil feels wonderful especially right before my period. Therapeutic massage is

one of the best treatments that all women should have and do.


Doreen D., Crown Point, IN

“I use Groovy Booby on a regular basis. I love this stuff.”


Claudia T., Carbondale, IL

“I love your oil! It is great to have a dropper. The name is totally awesome and will surely

entice women to try it. I will gladly promote it for you.”


Cheryl Chapman, RN, Maplewood, NJ

Author “The Happy Breast Book

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