Wear The Love

It's All That Matters.


Women love to wear black. Breasts love to be loved. Together they're
an empowering fashion statement.

New limited edition Groovy Booby Conversation Tees make it easy to share what you already know and love about Groovy Booby: The Loving Breast Care Revolution.

A flattering ladies's cut 100% organic cotton v-neck tee in 'Black is Beautiful.' 

Groovy Booby just made it easier than ever to strike up a conversation about a loving approach to breast-health...


Wear it to your next women's gathering, health networking event, tea party or girls lunch date.

Gift it and share what you and love about Groovy Booby: The Loving Breast Care Revolution! 


Each tee comes with an informational leaflet outlining Groovy Booby's Five Breast-Health Basics in a Nutshell.


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