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Feel The Groove Webmailings


Feel The Groove newsletter is an open conversation to explore breast health and educate myself and others further into the mysterious and often confusing arena of breast care. Through these bulletins I try and share innovative natural treatments (e.g., ozone therapy, Gerson cancer therapy) or lifestyle practices (probiotic ferments, lymphatic drainage pratices) and report on what I learned and experienced for the benefit of others. Subscribers area also notified of upcoming events.

“Bravo, thank you for this valuable information! I am sharing with multiple friends…”


Kitrina Hunter, Owner
In Sync Mind-Body Therapy Center

“Your new mail is awesome!  I am so happy that you are out there spreading the word about thermal imaging.  It will happen, slow but sure.  We need to keep on teaching.”

Cheryl Chapman, RN, Author
The Happy Breast Book

“Do you know if there is a way to add this to my facebook page? I would love to start doing that with every newsletter you send out….”

Laurie Fremgen, CPM
Honeydue Homebirth

“LOVED the newsletter and posted it to my FB page. I will figure out how to distribute more widely and see if we can get a link on our website page.”

Sally Burgess, Owner
Studio Gaia Fitness Center

Snapshots of Past Issues​​

  • Breast Safety Update: Our breast safety update can be summed up in one sobering statement: breast tissue is second only to fetal tissue in sensitivity to radiation.

  • We Breast Celebrate: Groovy Booby's 5th Anniversary; Hazards of Wearing a Bra; Cancer is not random.

  • The Wise Woman Healing Tradition Part II of our October 2014 Breast Health Awareness series explores what a Love-based healing tradition looks like in action, as a heart-centered, woman-centered tradition, The Wise Woman Healing Tradition.

  • Love is The Breast Medicine  Part I of our October 2014 Breast Health Awareness series, our loving counterpart to Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Dr. Khalid Mahmud, author of Keeping aBreast: Ways to PREVENT Breast Cancer, 10-minute daily breast massage has been found to increase oxytocin hormone levels by 100%! Oxytocin has been shown to remove free radicals and inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

  • Breast Health & The Pink Ribbon Symbolized by The Pink Ribbon, Breast Cancer Awareness Month is nearly synonymous with mammograms and self breast exam (SBE). Yet what if we discovered that for many years, international studies of mammographic breast cancer screening show it causes women of all ages more harm than good? Or that Breast self-exam (BSE) is no longer recommended as a screening tool for breast cancer by the most widely known, largest and best-funded breast cancer organization in the United States? 

  • Oh Oh, Oh! Love to Oxygenate “Your Girls!” ( . ) ( .) We can live a long time without food, days without water, but without breath, life is measured in minutes. The bottom line is oxygen. Did you know cancer and infectious microbes absolutely hate oxygen, and would rather die than be in its presence?!

  • Groovy Booby’s Spring Changes This season’s Feel The Groove newsletter announces the loving union of Groovy Booby with Dayempur Herbals. Our product line is now officially one company, under the banner of Dayempur Herbals!

  • Love Your Lymph. Understanding our lymphatic system provides insights into our body’s profound ability care for itself.

  • A Refreshing New Year: A primer on thermal imaging, or thermography — a non-invasive and radiation-free alternative to mammography. List of US Thermal Imaging Centers.

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