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It's time for a change

in the way we care for our breasts...


Get Your Groove

Your loving new breast care revolution starts here!


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Into The Groove

Najma Lynn Waters (L) with her breast health mentor Cheryl Chapman, RN (R), National Breast Health Advocate and Pioneer in Breast Massage.

Groovy Booby is a lifestyle of love-based (vs. fear and disease-based) breast care. 


It started while training in 2001 with Cheryl Chapman, RN, National Breast Health Advocate and Pioneer in Breast Massage, I immediately recognized that her understanding of what truly keeps breasts healthy was severely lacking in mainstream breast care models.


In honor of Cheryl, and her fun-loving approach to the sometimes serious topic of breast health, 

"Groovy Booby" shares her core 

teachings (and more) with her full permission and many heartfelt blessings!

All The Breast!

          Najma Lynn Waters

          Founder, Groovy Booby


“Groovy” originates from the jazz slang phrase "in the groove" (1932) meaning “performing well without intending to impress people."  Groovy is defined as “marvelous, wonderful, excellent.”


This perfectly describes breasts, the embodiment of the miracle of life giving nourishment and human bonding.

Maxine Sullivan

A wee bit off topic, our ode to grooviness goes to Maxine Sullivan (here rockin' a daisy shrug--our favorite symbol representing the inner anatomy of the breast). She was one of the most talented and influential singers of jazz and popular music in the 20th century.


Before Maxine "busted" to the 

forefront of swing, early jazz and blues singers of the 1920s and 1930s belted out songs in loud boisterous voices. 


Maxine originated an innovative effortless graceful soft swing style with precise diction and timing that influenced generations of female jazz singers including Ella Fitzgerald and Peggy Lee. 


Her beautiful natural voice and delivery led to her meteoric rise to international fame in 1937.  


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