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“Groovy” is a jazz term coined in 1937 meaning “marvelous, wonderful, excellent.” This perfectly describes breasts, the embodiment of the miracle of life giving nourishment and human bonding.

Groovy Booby & The Natural Breast-Health Project was inspired through my training with my breast-health “guru” Cheryl Chapman, RN, National Breast Health Advocate and Pioneer in Breast Massage. I was so inspired by her information that it lead me to create, in honor of her, an organic herbal breast-massage oil, this website, and occasional web mailings to spread her knowledge of breast health. Our hope is that it entices every woman of every age to experience the amazing health benefits of daily breast massage, restoring the love and respect breasts deserve. It is an honor to share her teachings with you through this website, with her full permission and many heartfelt blessings.

Meet Cheryl

Lynn Waters & Cheryl Chapman
Najma Lynn Waters (L),  with Cheryl Chapman, RN (R), National Breast Health Advocate and Pioneer in Breast Massage

An RN since 1965, certified in massage in 1988, Cheryl combined her extensive nursing experience of 23 years as an Oncology nurse, Hospice, HIV/AIDS, Cardiac and Post Partum nurse with her wide-ranging knowledge of massage and produced a comprehensive hands-on professional training program for healthy breast massage as well as massage for the breast cancer and mastectomy patient.

Happy Breast BookCheryl founded her work the wise woman way, through deep listening and collecting information.  By listening to her breasts, and other women, she wrote a book about what each had to say. “Gussie” and “Lucy” tell all in The Happy Breast BookCheryl also publishes Phluff The Girls, a free downloadable pamphlet describing the benefits of breast massage.

“Hi Lynn, I am sooo happy as well as impressed with your web mailings. You are presenting a great service with your awesome information. Please keep it going!  I think of you every day with many blessings. Your Breast Friend, Cheryl”

The mission of The Natural Breast-Health Project is to spread Cheryl’s empowering system of breast health through this website, our workshops, and Feel The Groove newsletter. We also use these pages to collect and report breast-health research, socio-economic, political and cultural reflections, resources, recipes and breast-healthy lifestyle tips. All to widen our perspective and provide more loving care toward our breasts.

CHM article copyIt’s time for a change in the way we perceive and care for our breasts. We need a system of breast care that is not based solely upon cancer detection and treatment approaches. Touching our breasts only to examine them for lumps–or avoiding or neglecting our breasts all together–is the old paradigm. It’s time for a fresh, new approach…

Let Groovy Booby & The Natural Breast-Health Project inspire your juicy new breast care revolution!

All The Breast ( . ) ( . )

Najma Lynn Waters
Groovy Booby & The Natural Breast-Health Project